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Fun, Free Tools That Make Your Social Media Life Easier

More and more people are using social media on a regular basis, so it’s only natural that developers come up with tools designed to make the experience easier. With all the tools out there, which ones are user friendly and really help save time?

Below is a list of fun, free social media tools that can help you get the most out of social media.

1. Open Beak
Formerly Twitterberry, Open Beak is a mobile client that allows you to post tweets right from your blackberry. It features one-click access to view your followers, replies and favorites and has a notification icon whenever your account has unread twitter messages. It can also post photos to zannel, twitpic, twitgoo or yfrog.

2. Tweetie iphone App
Tweetie is an app for the iphone that allows you post tweets to multiple twitter accounts directly from your iphone. A great thing about tweetie is that it completely restores the entire user interface if you get a phone call or accidentally quit out of the app.

3. Tweet Deck
Tweet Deck allows you to manage your twitter, facebook, linkedin and myspace through a program running on your desktop, eliminating the need to log in to each website separately to update. It features saved topic searches, convenient keyboard shortcuts, and can shorten links using bit.ly so your tweets remain under 140 characters (the twitter maximum) when updating your twitter account. It is also available as an iPhone app.

4. Picknik
Picknik is free photo editing software that allows you to fix, crop, and add special effects to photos all within your browser. It grabs your photos from popular social media sites (flickr, myspace, facebook, etc.) and gives you tons of photo editing options. It’s fast, simple to use, and even lets you edit multiple photos at one time.

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