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Innovative Security Solutions with Panda Cloud Protection

Panda Security is revolutionizing the way we think about antivirus protection. Panda Cloud Protection is the first antivirus and malware program that runs through the "cloud", meaning there is nothing to install on your computer and instead, everything is managed through a web console. ACF has been using this antivirus solution for several months and have seen a great improvement in virus protection that has made our business, and our clients businesses, run a little smoother.

So why is Panda better than, say, your standard antivirus program?

· Centralized monitoring
Through their web console, security can be managed anytime, anywhere. This feature is great for our technicians because it allows them access to our client's virus protection from anywhere. Panda gets updated constantly, without any user intervention, so our clients are always getting the most up to date malware and virus protection. The centralized monitoring Panda provides eliminates the need for any on site visits, saving our clients time and money!

· Profile based protection
Through Panda's web console, a profile can be assigned to different users depending on your organizations needs. This helps keep our clients’ networks more secure and gives their employees quick access to the data they need.

· Easy to use.
Perhaps one of the best features about Panda Cloud Protection is that it is fast and easy to use. It can be installed quickly and it removes the cost of software and resources for antivirus protection. Panda gets updated automatically, without a user ever having to do anything. Since Panda is running on a web server, our clients get the peace of mind that their computers are being protected without it slowing down their machines.

Panda Cloud Security makes it easy for our IT department to stay on top of virus protection. With its easy to use interface, automatic updates, and access from anywhere, Panda provides an anti-virus solution that is unlike any other. We give Panda Cloud Protection and A+ and would recommend the product to anyone!


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