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Adding Personality to Your Website

To get noticed, a company website is a must, but it is also important to stand out over competition. The sites we tend to remember are the ones that are unique and make the reader eager to come back again. Websites with added personality connect people to their brand. Personality branding can be very powerful, especially for small businesses, because clients and leads will interpret your websites "personality" as the personality of your business.

Your website doesn’t have to be stiff and boring. It should show off who you are, why you are unique and why you are better than the rest. So how do you give your website more personality? Here’s a list of things you can do to add a sparkle of personality to your site.

Have a unique design

It has been said that the first impression is the lasting impression. Having a unique website design will give your visitors a positive first impression of your company. If you are using a template based structure for your site, it may be time to think redesign. Template sites rarely work well for a business because they do little to engage a visitor or show off your company brand. Your website should be something that your visitors haven’t seen before. A unique, engaging design will leave a lasting impression on your visitors and make when want to come back for more.

Add Pictures

Whenever you start reading a book, do you flip to the back to see what the author looks like? People like having a face to connect with a name. Including pictures of your staff on your website allows visitors to connect with them, giving them the comfort of knowing who is behind the business.

Have an "About Us" Page

An "about us" page gives the opportunity to find out more about the people behind the business. Include things like company history, staff bios (with photos from above), your company mission statement or any charity or community work your staff or company has been a part of.

Express Yourself

You have your own unique personality that is reflected in the work you do. The visual elements of your site should communicate your personality and give visitors a good idea of the company he/she is dealing with. Make sure these elements compliment your overall brand and look and feel. Take your website to the next level by showing off who you are.

Adding a spark of personality to your website can help visitors remember your brand and have them eager to come back to your site again. For more information on website design, visit our website, or contact ACF for more information.


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