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Creating Usable Websites

We’ve all gone to a website that was frustrating to use. If your website is hard to use, more often than not, people will leave it and go somewhere else. Your website may be visually stunning, but if people are having a hard time using it, that could mean lost sales. So how do we make sure our websites are beautiful and functional? Below are a few things that every usable website has. Go through your current website and check to see if any of the below can be improved.

The website loads quickly
Most people have short attention spans and want things NOW. If your website is taking a long time to load, visitors will not wait. The main thing that increases load times on a website is image file size. The bigger the image file size is, the longer it will take to load on the webpage. An easy fix to this problem is to make images smaller and save them in web format.

Navigation is easy to follow
Nothing is more frustrating for website users than going to a website and not knowing where you are. The navigation on your website should answer the following questions:
• Where am I?
• Where have I been?
• How do I get home?

Text is easy to read
People shouldn’t have to squint to read your website. Text should be clear, easy to read, and stand off the background. Always use basic fonts for any text (no fancy cursive), make sure it is big enough and there is enough contrast between the text and website background.

There are many other factors that determine how usable a site is. Are you unsure about your websites usability? Let ACF provide you with a free website evaluation to see how you rank. Our in depth evaluation (a $250 value!) will tell you what your website is doing great and some elements you may consider for improvement. Contact us today to learn more.


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