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Using Call to Actions on Your Site

Getting user’s attention on your website can be a difficult task. Your website might provide great information, but if no one is calling about your services or buying your products, your website is not doing its job. In order for your website to be effective, you have to get your visitors attention and get them wanting to move on to the next step. How is that done? Through call to actions.

On websites, the term “call to action” is used to describe elements on a web page designed to get a user to perform an action. Call to actions are items on a web page that entice users to perform an action either on the website (such as purchasing an item) or off the website (such as calling for more information). Call to actions take some planning and thought, but work well when used correctly. Below are some tips to produce effective call to actions.

Draw attention
There’s no point to having a call to action on your site if nobody is going to notice it. On web pages, the size and position of an element in relation to its surroundings indicates how important that element is. Make sure your call to actions large and place them in a distinguished area on your web page to draw attention to them.

Use the Right Language
Often, users will hesitate on taking action because they think the process might be long, difficult, or not secure. Reassure them by using the proper wording on your call to actions. Try to think of the potential questions your users might have and make sure the call to actions address them. For example:
· Sign up now! Spam free (this reassures that users will not get spam emails from signing up for your service)
· Sign up. It’s Quick! (this reassures users the process will not take long)
· Call for a no obligation quote! (this reassures that users that they are not obligated to buy anything)

Give them a reason to take the next step
Users won’t click your call to action unless they have a reason to do so. Offer your users information, a great deal, or something for free to entice them to take the next step. For example:
· View Pricing Plans
· Free trial
· Request a free information packet

Call to actions are an easy and effective way to get more people interested in what you have to offer. For more information on effective website design, click here, or contact us.


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