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Generating Traffic Through Link Building and Networking

Optimization is the first and most important step to attracting potential customers. But don’t stop there! You should increase traffic and develop links to your site in as many ways as possible. In addition to directly bringing more visitors to your website, these approaches will also increase search engine rankings by improving the assessed relevance of your site. Link building and networking are two ways to generate additional traffic.

Link Building

Building links to your site helps generate visitor traffic. In addition, the number of these links is monitored by search engines and can improve your site’s rankings. The more links detected the more relevant and active your site is assessed to be. Links can be developed in number of ways.

• Directories
There are many directories available online, often dedicated to specific industries or geographical areas.Placing links to your site on relevant directories can help
search engine visibility while increasing your website’s exposure.

• Reciprocal Links
You can increase links to your site by placing your link on another site in exchange for placing their link on your site. When using this strategy it is important for the
links to be relevant to each hosting sites’ content in some way.

• One Way Links
Finding a website willing to place your link on their site without cost or reciprocation can be difficult. However, it is worth the effort because this approach tells search engines that the hosting site places a high value on the
content and relevance of your website.

As an expert in your field you have valuable information to share. There are many avenues you can utilize to share this information thereby improving interest in your company as well your search engine ranking.

• Blogs
Sharing information on a blog is a great way to establish you and your business as experts in the field. When updated frequently, blogs help direct leads to your website as they search for the type of information relevant to your business.

• Blog Commenting and Forums
You can also share what you know on other blogs or forums related to your business and area of knowledge. You can post comments and answer questions while providing a link back to your blog or website. It is important to focus on sharing information, however, and avoid direct selling on these platforms.

• Social Networking
Social networking is not only for personal use. Set up a Twitter page with regular updates, tips and news. Create a fan page on Facebook, and sign up for Linked in.

There also may be networking groups online for your specific business area, industry, or location. The more the better since each will generate links and interest in your business.

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