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How Having a Blog Can Help with SEO

Having a blog is a great way to expand your company’s SEO marketing. The additional functionality in blogs such as comments, trackbacks, and RSS feeds allow for easy optimization. Blogs also make your company more personable and allow you to offer free information in your area of expertise. Having a blog can be a great way to boost your company’s website rankings.

Although blogs have great SEO benefits, DO NOT start a blog just for SEO purposes. Your blog should have relevant information about what it is you do and should be used as a way to communicate with your customers. By offering your knowledge, you are giving people something of value and a reason to further explore what else you do.

Why do blogs work?

They are structured
Blog software categorizes your posts making it easier for search engines to understand content.

RSS feeds included with blogging software are heavily crawled by search engine spiders.

Fresh Content
Blogs get updates frequently with new content. Search engines like sites with fresh content and will crawl them more frequently.

Community Aspect
Commenting and trackback features encourage interaction on blogs. Your loyal blog readers can boost the relevancy of your site through their comments or advocacy on their own blogs.

Blogging is a great way to boost your SEO efforts, gain leads and increase you company’s sales, but it involves quite a bit of work in order to be successful, which is why we offer services to help get your blog started. Whether you are looking for a blog design, help with how to write your blog posts, or just have questions about what the best blogging platform to use is, we can help! Contact us for details.

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