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A Plan for Social Networking

If you’ve started using Twitter, Facebook, and the many other various social media outlets available, you have probably noticed the benefit it can have on your marketing. Using social media has a definite value and is not something that “just kids use” anymore. When used correctly, social networking can have a positive effect on your business by generating more links to your website, making it a critical part of your marketing plan. Is it included on yours?

Social media should not replace traditional marketing efforts, but should be included in your overall marketing approach. Millions use social networks daily and it seems that new networks are popping up all the time. Having a strategy and plan in place can help eliminate some of the confusion that comes with social networking. Below are things to think of when adding social media into your marketing plan.

Finding the Right Networks
Whether you are just starting or have already joined a few networks, the important thing to think of when it comes to social networking is building connections. Social networking is all about connecting with people that may never get a chance to meet with you in person. Whether it be sending updates to Twitter or joining online communities dedicated to your field, it is important to join networks you feel you can contribute to. Think about what you use now and ways you may be able to implement those into a social networking channel. This will make choosing the right social networks easier.

Once you find your networks, you should contribute on a regular basis. Set a certain time each day or each week to spend on updating. Scheduling will ensure that you use the networks regularly. The more you update the more connections you make!

It is important to be brand conscious on your social networks. Add your company logo whenever possible, change the default Twitter background to one branded for your company, and add your logo to your Facebook page. Having a consistent image throughout your social networks will help people easily identify who you are.

Just like any other type of marketing, marketing through social networking takes work, which is why it is important to have a plan. Do you need help with your marketing plan, customizing Twitter backgrounds, or learning more about social networks? Contact us today to see how we can help and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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