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Success With Search Engines

Search engine optimization combined with a properly developed website creates an ideal foundation for search engine success. Search engine optimization efforts can be divided into two stages; identification and proper use of key phrases, and optimization maintenance. Following the steps below will result in strong rankings for your site.

Key Phrases
Key phrases are the words and phrases most likely to be used by a potential customer in a search engine to find the kind of business or information they are looking for. So the first step in optimizing a website is to identify the search phrases most likely to be used by those trying to find your business.

• Research
In researching key phrases it is important to maintain a balance between key phrase popularity and key phrase competition.

The first is a measure of the proportion of searchers likely to use that phrase to find an interest area. The latter is a measure of the number of sites that will be generated using a particular search phrase. Finding the right balance will guide visitors to your site.

• HTML Key Phrase Insertion
Once key phrases have been identified, the next step is to incorporate them into several areas of the underlying page code for individual website pages. These areas
include page title code, page description code, keywords code, and image “alt tag” code.

• Web Page Copy Key Phrase Insertion
Identified key phrases should also be inserted in the body of a website’s written content. Each search phrase for a particular page should appear 3 to 5 times and be featured in the page’s titles and subtitles.

Inserting key phrases into web page content while maintaining readable and engaging material is a challenging task but one that is important to success.

Once initial optimization is complete there are ongoing efforts needed to maintain your site’s visibility. Failure to maintain your optimization efforts reduces the value of your initial time, effort, and money. Here are 3 key maintenance steps.

• Consistent Page Additions
The regular addition of web pages informs search engines that your site is active and relevant, and provides the opportunity to add additional key phrases thereby increasing the optimization of your site.

• Submitting Site Information to Search Engines
The regular submission (e.g. monthly) of all website
pages, particularly newly added pages, to major search engines is critical.

Pages submitted are processed by the search engines to recognize your
site and establish the linkage of key phrases to your site pages.

• Evaluating Results Using SEO Reports
Analytic reports from Google and other sources provide feedback regarding the volume of traffic to your site. Your current search rankings for the key phrases you are using, and other information to evaluate and inform your ongoing website optimization efforts.

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