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How to Gain Trust

In order to have a successful website, people must trust in what you have to offer. With the amount of scam websites on the internet these days, people have good reason to be careful about where they buy from or who they are going to trust. You know that your company is legitimate and offers great products or services, but on the internet, you have to win people over. So how do you gain their trust? Below is a list of common things that cause people to leave a website and what you can do to make sure they stay.

They Can’t Believe You
Your visitors will make an assumption of your product or service based on the website copy, so it’s important that it sounds realistic. Don’t promise people things that are obviously false (“Take this pill and lose 50 lbs!”). If it sounds unbelievable, most people will probably think it is. Accurately describe your product and services and don’t make extreme promises or false statements.

They Don’t Want to Waste Their Money

People don’t want to waste their hard earned money on something that doesn’t deliver, so you have to prove that what your offering is worth it. By adding customer testimonials or examples to your website, you validate your product or service. If others used what you had to offer and had a good experience, potential buyers will think the product is worth it.

They Don’t Feel Safe

If people don’t feel safe about giving you their private information, they won’t be your customer. Reassure your visitors their information is secure and will not be shared with anyone. Your website should include a privacy policy and legal statement. Adding secure login, anti-spam or respected company logos can add credibility to your site and make users feel comfortable about using it. Make sure your call to actions clearly state what you want your users to do.

They Don’t Know You
Users feel more comfortable when they know who they are dealing with, so make sure you let them know. Tell users your company history. Add an about us page with pictures and short staff bios. List your qualifications and experience. Giving people a little information about you can instantly build trust in your company.

To be successful, people have to put their trust in you, so it’s important to make sure your website reflects your company in the correct way. How have you made an effort to gain your visitor’s trust?


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