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Make Friends and Gain Business!

You’ve joined Twitter, Facebook. You tweet everyday and post messages to on your Facebook wall all the time in an effort to gain traffic to your website and get new customers. Everyone told you that having a twitter and Facebook page would be great for your business, but it’s been months and you have seen no results.

Does this sound familiar?

Many people sign up for Twitter and Facebook thinking it’s going to be a “get rich quick” answer to marketing, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Why? Because Twitter and Facebook (and any other social network out there) were not designed to bring you business. They were designed to make you friends.

That’s not to say that they can’t bring you business, because they definitely can, but first you must build relationships with people. Follow people you find interesting. Talk to them. Leave comments on their wall posts. Interact and get to know some people. Those people will find out what you do and eventually they might need your services. You will go from being Twitter or Facebook friends with someone to having a business relationship.

Think about it. Most people would rather give their money to a friend that they trusted then a person they didn’t know. Even though you may never meet your Twitter followers or Facebook friends face to face, sharing several conversations with a person online can build friendships and trust. That trust in you is what will make people pick up the phone. By connecting with someone online, you are building the potential for business relationships offline, which is what Twitter and Facebook are all about!

In order to use Twitter and Facebook as a successful marketing tool, you need to make some friends first. It takes some work, but by connecting with people through these social networks, you can build great business relationships in the future.

If you need help getting a Twitter or Facebook page started, contact ACF today. We can get you on the right track to building great online relationships!


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