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Onsite vs. Remote Data Backup.

Clearly backing up your business data only at the same site where your original data is stored will not protect it from many of the causes of data loss. For example environment events, fires, blackouts, and brownouts will leave onsite backup systems vulnerable. Remote data backup is really the only way to provide true data security.

Just backing up or storing data at another location is not the answer. To insure the security of your data it should be backed up at a secure, remote “Data Center”. Remote “Data Center” sites are specially designed to protect data from environmental, energy, security, viral, and other threats.

When developing a data backup and restoration strategy remote “data center” storage is critical.

Data Restoration is the Key
Data backup is only half the battle since its purpose is to allow for the quick restoration of your mission critical data and applications. A surprising percentage of data restorations fail for many of the same reasons that data is lost in the first place; human error, storage media failure, hardware malfunctions, and software malfunctions. Tape backups have a higher rate of restoration failures than hard drive or solid state backup systems.

The most important aspect of your data backup and restoration strategy is to ensure timely, reliable, cost effective data restoration.

Managed vs Unmanaged Backup and Restoration
Many businesses rely on scheduled data backups that need to be managed by their staff. Most discount backup services, even those that provide offsite or “cloud” based backup, also require that you manage the backup process. More importantly the restoration process also needs to be conducted by the user. A managed backup and restoration solution has clear and significant advantages over unmanaged solutions.

Advantages of Quality “Managed” Data Backup and Restoration Solutions
  • Your requirements are assessed to determine what needs to be backed up and how often (e.g. data, database applications, Exchange Server, SharePoint, etc.).
  • Data and application backup is conducted automatically on a schedule that meets your business requirements.
  • Data Backup and restoration is conducted remotely, by experienced professionals, freeing your staff to focus on your business and eliminating disruption in workflow.
  • Data backup functionality, restoration functionality, disc usage, and other diagnostics are conducted daily.
  • Managed Data Storage and retrieval can also remotely manage redundant onsite backup and restoration at no additional ongoing cost enabling faster restoration (i.e. when onsite storage is unaffected by an adverse event).
  • Data Backup and Restoration is “Platform Independent” (e.g. supports Windows, Apple and other operating system platforms).
  • Onsite services are available quickly if needed, for example when an adverse event involves theft or a natural disaster. Use of a local, managed data backup and restoration company is important!

ACF’s Managed Data Backup and Restoration Solutions

ACF Consulting provides Managed Data Backup and Restoration Solutions that meet all of the above quality criteria. Located in the Tampa bay Area, we believe in providing a personal approach to business solutions.

Call us for a no cost vulnerability assessment or just to learn more from one of our experienced consultants about how to protect your data and your business.


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