Designing for Mobile Web

Mobile web browsing is quickly becoming a predominant internet platform. Millions of people (and growing daily) are browsing websites with their mobile phones, so having a mobile website may soon become a standard for businesses.

Your mobile website design will be much different than the web design that is meant to be seen on a computer screen. The main reason for this is screen space. Since the screens on mobile devices are much smaller than your computer monitor, you have to restructure your site in order to accommodate. The below article discusses how to restructure your site for the mobile web.

1. Simplify
Your mobile website should be a scaled down version of your current website. Because of the lack of space, include only what is crucial for your visitors to see, such as main navigation and contact information.

2. Remove unnecessary images
Images on a mobile site often do more harm than good since connection speeds on a phone are generally slower than on a computer and screens are generally too small to see images in detail. Include only important images, like your company logo, and leave unnecessary images off.

3. Prioritize
Most people accessing websites via their mobile devices are doing it with a specific intention in mind. Mobile internet users are on the go. They are less interested in browsing your site and more interested in finding the information they came there for quickly. Because of this, it’s important to make the information people would be looking for on your site top priority. Whether it is your contact information, a login box, or a search bar, make sure the most important information is easily seen on your mobile site.

Since mobile devices are much more unique than computer screens, accommodations must be made for your mobile website. Does your company already have a mobile website design? What special measures did you take to accommodate for mobile users? Are you looking to get a mobile version of your site? Contact us today to see how we can help!


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