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Remember to upgrade your backup process!

According to the IDC report “The Digital Universe Decade”, the amount of digital information that will be created in 2010 is 1.2 Zettabytes. That’s a lot of information to save! How you save your information is just as important as backing it up. Using outdated backup methods can be just as bad as not saving your information. The more digital information we produce, the more we are going to have to back up.

Even though there’s been a great increase in technology, a lot of businesses are still using old, outdated methods to back up their data. According to a Gartner report, 71% of tape backups fail, yet tons of businesses still use them. Tape backups mainly fail because companies don’t have a way to get the information off the tape. A lot of companies upgrade their equipment while still using the old tape method of backup, eliminating their ability to restore information. Without the ability to restore lost data, a tape backup is useless.

Remember, backups are only done to prevent from data loss. If you are backing up your data to something that you can’t retrieve it from, why back up at all? When doing a technology upgrade, always think about the effect that it will have on backing up your data. Along with your other upgrades, always be sure that your backup process stays up to date.

ACF strongly recommends remote backup. It’s offsite, easy to restore from and is the most up to date backup system you can get. Don’t wait to see if your data falls into the 71% of backups that fail. Make sure your back up process is upgraded too!

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