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Small Business Spotlight: Hartshorn Custom Contracting

This weeks Small Business Spotlight is on Hartshorn Custom Contracting. ACF redesigned their website, which you can see here.
What does your company do, and where can we go for more infomation?
Our company's builds custom pool cages and screen rooms. Other things we do well is install 6" seamless gutter and soffit/fasica.

How long has your company been in business?
19 years

What is the most exciting part of your business?
We get real excited when a past customer of ours is satisfied enough that they refer us to friends and family. You can’t buy that kind of advertising.

What methods do you use to communicate with your clients and prospects
Now days we get a lot of emails from our repeat customers, but for potential customers we always set an appointment to meet face to face.

What are your biggest obstacles?
I would have to say our biggest obstacle is dealing with the all the different permit departments in Florida. The wait for a permit is up to 8-10 weeks in some counties. Most of the counties now require site specific engineering for each job and that adds at least a week to the process because we have to wait on our engineer to send that back to us to then take to the permit department.

What sets your company apart from others in your industry?
One thing for sure is that we have great installers that care about what they do and what the outcome will be. We also have a full time service department, permit department, warehouse crew, measuring department and a full office staff to make sure your quotes are done the same day.

What have you found to be your most effective marketing effort?
Most recently we've joined a networking group but also have had success with our website. One thing we always get is phone calls from people who have referred HCC to them.

How are you using social media to promote your business?
Our website

How has technology benefited your business?
By allowing us to communicate faster with homeowners and our builders.

What is your goal for the next 5 and 10 years?
HCC has many goals planned for the next 5 to 10 years but the most important goal is keeping consistent in what we already do well.

Here at Hartshorn Custom Contracting we always put a piece of heart in every job.

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