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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is internet based computing where software and information are hosted on a server and provided to users on demand. The term “cloud” refers to the internet and the services and applications that can be hosted on it.

Cloud computing has 4 characteristics:

1. Flexibility
No matter how big or small your business is, cloud computing can work for you. You can host a variety of applications in the cloud, allowing resources to be available on demand.

2. Mobility
Cloud computing gives you access to your business applications from anywhere with an internet connection so you’ll be able to work on the road as well as in the office.

3. Lower Cost
Cloud Computing can save the average business a lot of money. With cloud computing, the amount of hardware, software, or other equipment that a company would normally need to purchase is not needed since everything is hosted on the internet. Cloud computing can be highly automated as well, so there is no need to pay someone to do software updates to your equipment.

4. Security
With cloud computing, security settings can be determined by your business needs. Profiles can be set up allowing employees to have access to only certain files. Since files are stored in the cloud, there is less transfer between computers meaning less of a chance for files to become corrupt. Backup of data can be done automatically, so you will always be able to recover data in case of an emergency.

Cloud computing offers many benefits for small businesses. The flexibility of hosting your business applications in the cloud allows your business to grow and expand. By using cloud computing, you’re getting top of the line security and features all at a price that fits your budget.

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