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The Impact of Google Instant

A few days ago, Google launched a new feature that allows you to see search results as you type. Have you used it? It’s pretty neat, right? This new feature will surely greatly change the way we use Google.

How does Google Instant work? Using a combination of their auto complete feature and some Ajax code, Google takes what you have typed already and predicts searches based on the most likely completion. This makes searching on Google faster and smarter than ever before.

Along with impacting the way we search the web, Google Instant will also change SEO. Although it’s too early to predict exactly how and what will change, a few predictions can be made that will make SEO more important than ever for companies.

Being on the front page will be even more important
The dynamic results provided by Google Instant will make it less likely for people to search past the first page of Google’s results. Google users will also be able to refine their search results on the fly, so instead of searching through pages of results to find what they want, they’ll be able to narrow down their search much quicker. Top Google rankings will have more value than ever before, so you’ll want to do what you can to get on that first page.

Long tail keywords will become more Important
Since Google users are now able to refine their searches easily, long tail keywords will have more value. For example, if someone in Tampa is looking for a plumber, they may start by typing “plumber” in Google. They’ll instantly see search results for plumbers. If they continue to type the words “in Tampa Florida”, their results will be refined to plumbers in that area. If you were a plumber in Tampa Florida, you would want to make sure that your business is coming up first, right? Adding long tail keywords like the example above will be more important for SEO since results are now dynamic.

People may pay more for keywords
If you currently pay for keywords, you may notice that the price may go up. If long tail search terms become more important, people will be willing to pay a little more to use them to get to the front page. You may need to set aside more money to purchase keywords or rethink the ones you want to purchase.

There’s no doubt that Google Instant is going to greatly impact our search behaviors and the way we do SEO. Although it’s too early to know exactly what the impact will be, it’s important to think about how these changes can affect our marketing efforts.

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