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Taking a Look at IE9

Microsoft released a beta version of Internet Explorer 9 a few weeks ago, allowing users to see a preview of what the final product will be. This new browser offers several new features and aims to load websites as quickly and accurately as possible. Anyone with a Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS can download the new IE9 by clicking here.

According to Microsoft, the goal of IE9 is to present web pages faster and make “The sites the star of the show.” There are many features included in IE9 designed to do just that, including a download manager, panel enabling features, and support for HTML 5, the rising standard for multimedia content on the new web. These new features will modernize the Microsoft browser, allowing web developers greater freedom to create rich web applications.

IE9 has a simplistic style similar to Windows 7, allowing the use of the Aero Snap screen-split feature similar to the operating system. It also allows users to pin their favorite websites to the windows 7 taskbar, allowing them to launch them the same way they would launch a web application. The websites are identified in the taskbar by their favicon (the icon you see when typing in an address in your browser).

The full version of IE9 is expected to release fall of 2011. Until then, we can get a preview of the new features IE9 has to offer. Have you downloaded the new IE9? What do you think of it?


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