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Building your Brand through Dissatisfaction

If you just read the title of this blog post, you are probably thinking that doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone want to dissatisfy their customers? The truth is, the brands we are most familiar with do this to us all the time.

Remember the first iPod? It only played music, storage was limited, and the screen wasn’t in color. Look at all the different things your iPod can do now. Apple continues to release new versions of the iPod that promise to be better than the last one. Why? Because people aren’t satisfied with the current versions. They want it to do more, be faster and be more powerful. By continually releasing newer, better updates, Apple builds their brand by making sure you have the latest and greatest version.

This concept isn’t just limited to products. Being election season, surely you’ve seen advertisements for politicians running for office. Politicians are good at playing on dissatisfaction as well. Every commercial talks about how you should be dissatisfied with the other guy because he didn’t follow through on his promises. A vote for the guy in the commercial promises that things will be better. Politicians build their brands by making promises to satisfy the issues that are important to you.

So how can your company use dissatisfaction to build up your brand?
One way is to listen to your customers. What do they want your product to do? How do they think your product can be better? Use your customer’s opinions to improve your product and make it something that people can’t live without.

Another way to use dissatisfaction is to pay attention to your competition. What are they doing that you do better? Do they offer services you aren’t offering? Find out what your competition is doing and promise to be better than them.

Seth Godin said it best on his blog “Great brands are built on dissatisfaction.” Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, a key to building a great brand is finding out what it is that people want and making sure you deliver it. Knowing what people are not satisfied with can help you continue to improve and gain customer and brand loyalty.

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