Make Them Feel Exclusive

When they first start out, a lot of entrepreneurs believe that in order to be successful, they need to be everywhere. They think every person should be their customer and their products should be in the homes of all people. In reality, this isn’t the case. Marketing to everyone can often mean your marketing to no one.

Women love handbags, especially expensive designer ones. What makes them so special? The fact that you can’t get them just anywhere. If a woman wants a Gucci handbag, she has to buy it in a high end store that sells them. If you were able to buy a Gucci handbag in every Wal Mart across America, the value of that bag would go down because everyone would be able to buy it. By limiting choices, Gucci has increased the value of their brand and made women who own a Gucci handbag part of a special group of people.

Target your product or service to the group of people that can best benefit from it instead of targeting it to everyone. Show off why you are better. Tell people you offer the highest quality that cannot be found anywhere else. Show why you are the Gucci purse instead of the Wal Mart handbag. Making people feel exclusive creates higher brand value.

It’s ok to not be the right fit for someone. Remember, not everyone is your customer. It’s better to give the best possible service to the people that fit your niche that trying to find a way to provide to everyone.

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