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Why you Should Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

We’ve said it several times and will continue to say it: every business should have a disaster recovery plan. 93% of companies that lose their data for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy (According to National Archives & Records Administration in Washington). Have a plan in place so it doesn’t happen to you.

We’re all familiar with the BP Oil spill and the tragic effects it’s had on the environment, tourism and businesses. One of the big problems BP faced was not knowing how to stop the oil from flowing, which is something that should have been addressed with a disaster recovery plan. If BP had a disaster plan in place, employees could have addressed the situation much quicker, which would have caused a lot less damage to the environment.

More than likely, your business is not as large as BP, meaning that having a disaster recovery plan is even more important! Because BP was such a large company, they were able to survive the economic impact of this disaster. If something that catastrophic happened to your business and you weren’t able to take care of it for months, could you survive? The answer, more than likely, is no, which is why many businesses that experience data loss fail. Simply put, you need to be prepared for the worst.

Depending on your industry, your disaster plan will vary, but there are several actions every business can take that can help in the event of a disaster. ACF recommends offsite data backup in the event of hardware failure or natural disaster. We also recommend all of your systems have up to date software and virus protection to help prevent disasters from happening.

After taking the above steps, you should write down your disaster plan and store it in a safe location. Your plan should include everything that should be done in the event of a disaster. Depending on your industry, you may have different plans for different types of disasters. Make your plan as detailed as possible so anybody in your office can follow it.

Are you not sure what to include in your disaster recovery plan? Do you need help figuring out how to get your business computers up and running in the event of a disaster? ACF can help! We’ve helped several client develop detailed disaster recovery plans and can help you get one in place. We believe that preventative maintenance and planning are keys to helping businesses succeed. Contact us to get help with your plan.


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