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NYC is Going Cloud

We’ve talked about the benefits of cloud computing on this blog in the past. Going “cloud” increases productivity, saves money and helps consolidate business applications. So on October 20, when mayor Bloomberg announced a new five year deal with Microsoft that would place several of their city contracts into a cloud environment, we thought it made a lot of sense.

The first phase of the cloud project will place 30,000 city workers into three categories: occasional users, basic users and power users. Using several Microsoft development tools and software database products, the cities major applications will be placed into a cloud environment that will allow these users access from their office as well as on the road. While the city can’t eliminate all desktop versions (power users will still use them), the more software that Microsoft hosts, the more money the city will save, which is estimated to be close to $50 million.

NYC isn’t the first major American city to go “cloud”. Los Angeles recently announced they were adopting Google’s e-mail system for 30,000 city employees. While many major cities are struggling with difficult economic times, cloud computing offers a solution that helps save money and ease employee workflow. With a substantially lower cost, clearly, cloud computing is a solution that can have a big effect on the way business is done.

Is your business “in the cloud”? What effects have you seen from it?

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