Put your Ideas into Action

I’m sure this has happened to you. You have a great idea, forget about it, then a month later find out that someone is doing the exact thing you thought of. You may have even started to execute your idea, but after a few weeks, you put it on the back burner until you gave up on it altogether.

Sounds familiar right? It happens to the best of us.

Why do most of our ideas never see the light of day? Mainly, it’s due to our habits getting in the way of execution. So how do we break those bad habits and start executing our ideas? Below are a few tips to get started.

1. Divide work into 3 steps
a) References - Information you’ve collected
b) Action Steps - Things to do right now
c) Backburner Steps - Things to do later (after you’ve completed your action steps)

Dividing your work into steps will force you to constantly have something to do. By working in steps, the excitement of having a new idea will be less likely to fizzle out because you’ll constantly have something you need to accomplish.

2. Avoid Distractions
Things like email, phone calls, texts and social media can distract you from doing work. If you’re worried about answering emails, voice mails, or updating your company Facebook page, you’ll lose focus on the work you need to get done to make your idea come to life.
Try to set aside time each day that is “distraction free”. Ignore social media, leave the emails for later and set your phone to silent. Without being bombarded with distractions, you’ll find you get much more work done.

3. Measure your Meetings
Meetings are much more effective with a plan in place. Have a kickoff meeting regarding your new idea and give action items for each person in the group. In the meetings that follow up, measure the progress on those action items and set new ones. This will make sure all team members have a role in making the idea come together and will keep the excitement level for it high.

New ideas are always exciting at first, but after a while, that excitement can fade, along with your motivation to work on the idea. Don’t let this happen! Stopping work on your idea means someone else does it before you. Use the above techniques to help turn your ideas into the next best thing.
What are some things you recommend that help you concentrate on your ideas?

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