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Resolutions for your Website

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions again. You might have already made some resolutions for yourself, but have you thought about your website? There are several resolutions you can make when it comes to your site that will help it become better in 2013.

Optimize your Graphics for Quicker Load Times
Most web surfers only remain on a page for a few seconds, so grabbing their attention is critical. If you have large images on your current site, it will make load times longer, so optimize your images for the web to cut down on file size.

Clean up your HTML
Invalid HTML can cause display issues between different browsers, so it’s important to make sure the HTML on your site is valid. Clean up broken or unclosed tags and remove any HTML code that isn’t needed.

Clean up bad/broken links
Make sure any outbound links on your current site are still valid. Broken links, even if they aren’t going to a page on your website, frustrate users.

Increase Quality Inbound Links
Quality inbound links greatly help with search engine optimization, so a good goal for 2013 would be to increase the number of links coming into your site that contain related content to your subject matter.

Work on Content
Take a look at the content on your site. Is it old and outdated? Could new pages be added to your site? If the content on your pages needs updating, take some time to rewrite it. If you think your site could use a few additional pages, add them. Quality content and new pages do wonders for SEO efforts, so not only will your site be more current, but you’ll actually help your search engine rankings by doing this.

Take the initiative to make your site better this year! Need help making your website resolutions happen? Contact the experts at ACF today!