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Throw a Fun Company Party this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and with that, comes holiday festivities. Throwing a Holiday party is a great way to get you employees together for something other than work, but without proper planning, your company party could be more of a bust than a hit. Here are a few tips to make your Holiday party a fun event.

Start with a Budget
Parties are expensive, so knowing what you can spend up front will help with the planning. If you can afford a formal extravaganza, go for it, but remember, that something inexpensive and casual can be just as much fun.

Get Help
Party planning takes work, so don’t do it all by yourself. Get help from the social butterflies in the office. Get their opinions on food, music, decorations and venue. Letting them help not only takes some of the stress off of you, but gets your employees excited for the event.

Pick a Great Venue
The point of the party is to get everyone together outside of work, so don’t have your party at the office. Keeping in mind your budget restraints, pick a nice venue to hold the party. Local restaurants, hotels and clubs are all great places to consider. If that’s out of your budget, consider opening up your own home for the party.

Have Great Music
It’s not a party without great music! Not everyone likes the same music, so have a variety of good dance tunes. Ask your employees to recommend some songs they’d like to hear at the party and put together a great playlist to avoid hearing the Macarena and Electric Slide over and over.

The More the Merrier!
Allow your employees to invite their spouses or families to the party. Having people there that don’t work for the company will help with conversation (you’ll have something to talk about other than work) and will eliminate the need to get a sitter. If kids plan on being there, make sure you include activities for youngsters.

Be Responsible
If you plan on serving alcohol at your party, make sure your employees have designated drivers or ways to get home. The easiest way to ruin a great party would be if an employee ended up getting into an accident. Be responsible and make sure that doesn’t happen.

Before the party, have your employees pick Secret Santa names and have them bring their gifts to the party. Make sure you set a money limit so employees know what an appropriate gift is. This is another fun way to get all your employees involved in the party.

A Holiday party is a great way to get your employees involved in something fun and thank them for all their hard work during the year. The above tips will help make your company party an event that everyone in the office will be talking about!

Have any additional Holiday party tips? Share them in the comments.


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