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Our Favorite iPhone Apps

You’ve probably heard the big announcement that Verizon Wireless will start carrying the iPhone February 10th. For the many people that have waited (and waited) for this day to come, the announcement was very exciting. Since AT&T has had the iPhone exclusively since its debut, we’re excited to see how the competition pans out between both companies.

We have several iPhone users here at ACF, so we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite apps to inform all the new Verizon customers hopping on the iPhone bandwagon.

Kyle’s (Development) Favorite’s
1. Gowalla
2. Angry Birds
3. Google Voice
4. Firefox Home
5. Dropbox

Barbara’s (Designer) Favorites
1. Angry Birds
2. Words With Friends
3. Hootsuite
4. Pandora
5. Stitcher

Teresa’s (Administrative) Favorites
1. Tetris
2. Target
3. Yelp
4. Pandora
5. My Light (turns your camera flash into a flash light)

Chris’s (Art Directors) Favorites
1. Cut the Rope
2. Mobile RSS
3. Netflix
4. Sirius/XM Radio
5. 20+ Apps that keep my kids entertained in the car

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Will you be getting the Verizon iPhone?


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