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Create a Marketing Piece that Works

Marketing pieces come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, which can make choosing the right one a bit difficult. How do you know which one is going to be worth your money? While there isn’t an easy answer, we have made a guide that can make the process easier. Ask yourself these questions before choosing your next marketing piece.

1. What are you trying to accomplish?

Knowing your marketing goal can help you better decide what type of product to choose. Will you be marketing an event? Do you have a new product? Do you want to try and reach a new audience? Before you start marketing, it’s important that you clearly know what you are trying to do.

You also need to think about the action that you want your target market to take. Certain marketing pieces work best for different actions. Knowing what you want your potential customers to do, whatever it may be, will help you decide the best type of marketing to get that response.

2. What should you say?
This may seem obvious, but putting your idea into words can be more difficult than it sounds. Remember who will be reading your product and always write from their perspective. Focus on the benefits, not the features, as that is what your end reader will be interested in. Remember, you know why your product or company is great, but your end readers may not. Don’t forget to clearly state on in your piece the action that you’d like your target market to take and always focus on them, not you.

3. What is the incentive?
You’ve figured out what it is you want your target market to do, now it’s time to think about the incentive they’ll get for performing that action. Motivate your reader to take action by offering them something they can’t resist. Good examples are including coupons, free gifts, or valuable information you can provide. Whatever it is, make sure you’re giving your readers a reason to want to check you out further.

4. How will you deliver this piece?
Your delivery helps determine things like size and shape or your final piece. Will you be at a tradeshow? Business cards, flyers or promotional items may be best. Doing a direct mail campaign? A small postcard could work for you.

Certain sizes and shapes will work better depending on the delivery. For example, you wouldn’t take big, bulky items to a tradeshow since people wouldn’t be able to easily hold that. Knowing where you’re going to be marketing will help you determine the best type of piece to use.

Asking yourself these questions can help you make better decisions on the types of marketing you should use. Always think about your audience, what you want to say, where you’ll be delivering your marketing piece, and the ultimate goal you want to accomplish.

What type of marketing piece has worked the best for your company?


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