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Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Everyone likes something for free, right? When it comes to marketing your company’s website, there’s a lot of different ways you can do it for no cost. Why not take advantage?

Yes, these techniques take time and effort, so they are not totally free solutions, but if you’re willing to do it you can see a dramatic increase in traffic to your website that will be worth it.

Below are a few free ways to market your website.

1. Add your website to local directories
All the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have local directories that are similar to the Yellow Pages. They allow you to add your address, phone number, company hours and website, amongst other things. If people are looking for a business in their town, they often turn to search engines to provide them with local listings, but they’ll only find your business if it’s added to their list! Make sure your company is listed!

2. RSS Feeds
RSS feeds can help you get repeat customers because visitors can subscribe to your feed and get an update whenever something new happens, which gives you more traffic to the site. RSS feeds are great if you have a blog or news feature attached to your site.

3. Social Networks
Although they can be time consuming, social networks are free to set up and can help you gain a ton of website traffic. Set up your social networks and start using them! You’ll be surprised how much they can help your traffic.

4. Blogs
Blogs help website traffic because they are regularly being updated with new information, which is great for SEO. You can set up a blog for free using one of the many different platforms (we use Blogger) and include links back to your main website. As mentioned above, include RSS feed subscription options to encourage visitors to come back.

5. Article Marketing
Did you write a great article? Take advantage of some of the free article submission sites to get the word out! Most sites allow you to have a link to your website at the bottom of the article, which is instant promotion!

6. Email Signatures
Adding your website link to your email signature is a simple, but effective way to help gain traffic. Think about how many emails you send out in one day. Having your website link attached to the end of all those emails is a lot of free promotion.

7. Forums
If your participate in online communities or forums, adding your website link to the bottom of your posts is a great way to promote your site to people that may not be aware of what you do. Most forum sites have members that post regularly, so the more active you are on the forums, the more chances you get to promote your site to people that may visit for than once.

8. Press Release Submission
Did you company recently do something news worthy? Promote it through a press release on sites like prweb.com. A press release will get in front of major online news sources and reach tons of people, all who have the potential to see your website.

Since so many people get their information online these days, it just makes sense to take advantage of these free marketing avenues. What online marketing techniques are you taking advantage of?


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