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Simple Ways to Improve Your Website

Whether you just launched your site or you’ve had it up for years, you’re probably looking for different ways you can improve conversions, repeat visits and customer interaction.

Just like any other type of marketing, your website needs to be updated and changed on a regular basis for it to be most effective. Below are some easy ways you can improve your website.

1. About Us Page
An about us page lets people know who you and your company are and what makes you different from your competition. The about page doesn’t have to be long winded, but should clearly state your company’s purpose. You may also want to include pictures and information about your staff, to allow your customers to know who they may be dealing with.

Do you already have an about us page? Make sure it is up to date, as companies and staff change over the years.

2. Images
People like looking at pictures and they can really help make your site more user friendly and interactive. Images can illustrate content, show off your products and be an easy way to make an impact. However you must be sure your images are optimized properly, poorly formatted or unnecessarily large images can hurt your website performance and user interface.

3. Internal Links
Linking to relevant pages from within your body copy will increase your site’s usability and allow you to highlight other pages that your visitors may be interested in. If you have a blog, a great way to add internal links is through the Linkwithin plugin, which you’ll see at the bottom of this post!

4. Add a Contact Form
The more options people have to contact you the better. A contact form gives people another option to get in touch with you that is easy and informal. Add it to your contact page along with your other information.

5. Encourage Viral Promotion
Encourage your visitors to promote your content in other places. Add links to allow visitors to share content on Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking sites. There are lots of great plugins that make this easy, such as ShareThis.

Making small tweaks to your website every now and then can help make your site more usable to your visitors. By implementing these 5 tricks, you can improve your site greatly!


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