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What Makes a Good About Us Page

A good “About Us” page can have many benefits. About Us pages show the personality of a company and give visitors the opportunity to relate to the people working there.

A lot of companies don’t realize the value of an About Us page. They simply include the page on their website just because they know they should. The content lacks personality, meaning many visitors simply just pass over the page.

Below are tips to get the most out of your About Us page.

1. Tell Who You Are
Your About Us page should tell more about who you are, not what you do at the company. Have your staff share a little about themselves to let people find out some of their likes and dislikes as well as what they enjoy outside of work. This lets visitors know a little more about people behind the company and gives them an opportunity to find something in common with the person they may be dealing with.

2. Show Pictures
People like to connect a face with the name, so be sure to include pictures of your staff to go along with their bios. Something as simple as a picture can add a ton of personality to the page!

3. Keep it Short and Simple
Your visitors don’t have the time to read incredibly long pages, so keep the content on the site to a minimum. Staff bios should only be a few paragraphs, not pages long. Give your visitors enough to gain their interest, not bore them.

4. Don’t Make it a Sales Pitch
When people visit your About Us page, they are looking for more personal information, not something sales related. There’s nothing wrong with sharing job titles on the staff page, but limit it to that. Remember that you should focus on who you are and not what you do.

5. Link to the About Us Page on Other Pages
Give people more opportunities to see your About Us page by linking to it where appropriate throughout your website. This can give your website a more personal feel overall.

Although a small section on a website, the About Us page is a crucial part that can be very beneficial. Use the above tips to make your About Us page more valuable to your website visitors. Do you have any other tips for better About Us pages? Share with us in the comments.


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