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The Affect Colors Can Have on Your Brand

Color is an important thing to consider when branding your company. You may not realize it, but colors have a significant impact on your emotional state. People tend to associate certain colors with certain things, so it’s important to pick the right colors when designing your brand identity, product packaging, website or anything else that may be associated with your company. Below talks about how certain colors affect people’s moods. Is your company brand using the correct colors to get the response you are looking for?

• In general, children prefer primary colors. That’s why many children’s products use primary colors. It’s also been said that primary colors are less calming than non-primary colors.

Fisher Price targets children with the use of red in their brand.

• Red and orange encourage people to eat quickly. Red specifically encourages people to eat more. It’s not a coincidence that fast food places use these colors.

McDonald's carefully chose their brands colors to get people in the mood to eat quickly.

• Red can cause people to lose track of time as well, which is why many casinos use this color.
The Encore casino in Las Vegas uses red in their carpet and lighting, which can make people lose track of time.

• Red and black are associated with sexy and seductive, which explains why many adult themed products and websites use this color combination. These colors can also mean love, as we've seen in the popular chocolate brand Russel Stover's.

Russel Stover's chocolates gets people in a loving mood with their choice of colors.
• Dark green and burgundy tend to raise the perceived price of an item, while orange is often used to make an expensive item seem less expensive.

• Yellow makes people cheerful. It is also the most visible color, meaning that people with a hard time viewing colors can generally see yellow.

Sun Light uses bright yellow, a cheerful color.
• Blue and black suppress appetites (many diet and nutrition products use these colors) while pink has been known to increase appetites.

EAS uses blue and black in their packaging, which makes people feel less hungry.

• White is associated with clean, fresh and modern. The Apple store is a great example of this.

Outside of the Apple store in San Francisco. The white gives a modern, clean feel.

When building and designing your brand, color should be an important decision. Colors evoke a variety of different responses, so be sure to choose wisely when building your brand! Color can help you reach your target audience and make them have the response to your products that you are looking for.


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