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How Linkedin Can Work for You

Now with over 100 million users, Linkedin has become one of the most used social networks amongst business people. The company drew even more attention to itself on May 19th, when it went public and its stock value nearly doubled on the first day. It’s said that Linkedin is worth around $8.9 billion now, an impressive jump from 2009 when the company was worth around $250 million.

If you have a Linkedin account already, you are probably already aware of its benefits. If you haven’t signed up yet, you may be asking yourself “why?” Below outlines some of the benefits of Linkedin and how the social network can work for you and your business.

The main purpose of Linkedin is to show off your credentials so you can network with people in your field. The network allows you to upload a resume, work experience and contact information to your “profile”. You then can search for people on the site that you have a relationship with (such as people you work with or went to school with). These people can recommend you to others in their network by “endorsing” you through a testimonial. These recommendations can greatly improve your profile and your credibility, so don’t be afraid to ask for them (and give others in your network recommendations as well).

If you are currently unemployed, or are looking for something different, Linkedin can help. The job boards on Linkedin get updated daily and can help you research companies in the area. Besides the vast amount of job postings on the site, the more connections you make with people through Linkedin, the more opportunities you’ll have to find jobs related to your field.

On the other end of the spectrum, if your business is looking for new employees, Linkedin is a great place to post jobs and look at the resumes and work experience of prospective employees. Job posting is easy and fairly inexpensive. You’ll also have the ability to search through resumes of people that may be good candidates.

Company Pages
In addition to your personal profile, if you own a company you can use Linkedin to make a company page. The company page gives information about your business such as your contact information and the type of work you do. Your employees will also show up on the Linkedin page so people can see the titles of the people that work for you.

Linkedin is a great tool that allows business professionals to connect and show off their skills. With the company’s huge increase in popularity over the years, we’re sure that many changes will be made to the social network that will make it even more useful.

Do you use Linkedin? What’s your favorite part about it?


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