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3 Simple Ways to Cut Down Business Expenses That you May Not Have Thought About

Running a company can be expensive. While some costs are unavoidable, there are several different things every business owner can do to help cut down on costs in certain areas.

You probably already have heard things like “turning your computer monitors off when you leave” or “investing in more energy efficient equipment” and hopefully, these are things you and your employees are already doing. While these tips can definitely help cut down costs, they probably won’t make a huge impact.
There are however, several things you can do that can save your company a lot of money without you having to sacrifice anything.

1. VoIP Phones
VoIP phones can significantly cut down on your phone bills. VoIP phones transmit calls through your company’s already existing broadband internet connection. They include features that many regular phone companies would charge you extra for, such as conferencing, long distance, call waiting and a sophisticated voicemail system. You’ll save money every month

2. Rethink your Marketing
Are you spending thousands of dollars on magazine, newspaper, or other forms of print advertising? Is it as effective as you’d like it to be? Probably not.

Most people go straight to the web to find information, making print marketing less effective by the day. If you aren’t heavily marketing via the web, you’re losing out.

The best part about web marketing is that it costs much less than traditional print marketing and the results last. A small print ad in a magazine may cost a few hundred dollars and will only be shown in one publication. Promoting through SEO and social media will cost a lot less and will be seen by more people for a lot longer.

3. Keep your equipment up to date
One of the best ways to avoid costly expenses is to prevent problems from happening. That means keeping your computer and IT equipment up to date. While updating equipment regularly can be costly, using the latest technology can help prevent big catastrophes that can cost you thousands of dollars and extensive downtime. Effectively managing IT equipment helps save money (and have less stress) in the long run.

If you’re looking for new ways to try and save your business money, you may want to think about incorporating some of the above tips. Do you have any other tips for saving money? Share them with us!


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