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Business Social Media – Insight from the Jeffrey Gitomer Seminar in Tampa

Adam with Jeffrey Gitomer

Last week, Adam and Chris had the pleasure of attending a great seminar put on by Jeffrey Gitomer and sponsored by ActionCOACH Pinellas about how businesses should use social media to gain sales. If you aren’t familiar with Jeffrey Gitomer, you should be! He provides realistic examples of how to use social media in a business setting, and with several New York Times Bestselling books and over 36,000 Twitter followers, he definitely knows his stuff. If you interact with clients at any level, you could benefit from his seminars.

Gitomer’s approach to business social media is simple - it’s about people not the company. In order to be successful in business social media, you must consistently provide your followers with value. Providing value will earn you more than just customers, it will earn you fans. Nobody cares about what your business is doing or where you came from, they care about how you and your business can help them achieve their goals.

Gitomer went on to say that investing time in yourself is critical to the success of you and your company.

People like doing business with “friends” and social media is a great way to open those doors. Spend time gaining followers that would want to tell others about you and your message. Think about the value message you want to convey to your followers and expand upon it. Move from simply thinking about what you want to say to truly developing valuable relationships online.

Perhaps the most important note taken away from the seminar is to continuously move forward. Gitomer believes that “going back to the basics” is a lazy approach that has not been effective for quite some time now.  He stated that social media is no longer an option and the latest technology should be used in everything you do, especially sales. He went on to say that social media has changed the sales approach forever, it’s the new ‘cold call’, so if you’re not interacting with your customers and giving them something of value, you’re losing out.

Overall, the seminar was exciting to watch and very informative. Chris commented that listening to Gitomer speak is like watching a comedian do a stand up skit on something useful. He engages the audience, gives examples that you can actually put into use and practices what he preaches.

If you ever have the chance to attend a Gitomer seminar, do it! No matter what role you play at your company, we can guarantee you’ll take away some useful information.

Have you attended a Gitomer seminar before? What were your thoughts?


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