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Notes from the Blue Glass SEO Seminar in Tampa

Last week, Chris headed to the Blue Glass SEO seminar in Tampa. This was a 2 day event packed with information and insight from many online marketing professionals from companies such as Geeknet, Disney, Bing and AOL.

Some of the speakers included Brian Clark of Copyblogger and Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney, the writers of two of the most popular blogs online today. Brian and Jeremy have very different approaches for writing and maintaining their blogs, but both agreed that in order to be successful at blogging, you must do three things:

  • Be true to yourself and what your message is
  • Focus on your headlines and call to actions
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out and make waves

In addition, they both strongly encouraged using Twitter as a tool to spread your online message because it’s a great way to increase exposure and spread content quickly.

Another speaker at the seminar was Marty Weintraub, President of Aimclear, who talked about content marketing strategies. He stated that while hosting content, blogs, white papers and info-graphics is a good start, the key to a successful content marketing strategy is getting the most organic links and traffic to that content as possible.

There was a talk on team building given by entrepreneur Richard Zwicky and Digital Marketing Strategist Melanie Mitchell. They believe the key to building a good team is to focus on everyone’s individual talents. Each team member is unique and can bring something different to the table. Find out what those talents are and make the most of them and your team will be excellent.

John Henshaw of Raven Tools discussed content management and promotion. He gave great tips and listed a variety of tools that could be used to streamline the reporting and results processes.

The seminar also gave extensive information about localization of search terms for SEO and how businesses can make the most of cutting edge technology. Along with this information, the seminar also talked about a variety of different techniques that could actually hurt SEO. It was great to get a guide of what should and should not be done when it comes to SEO.

Chris thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days he spent at the Blue Glass SEO seminar, stating that even the break times were productive because he was able to share and brainstorm ideas with others. He learned a lot of new approaches and strategies and greatly enjoyed all the speakers. He’s excited to share his knowledge with the ACF team and put some of what he learned into action.

Did you attend the Blue Glass SEO seminar? What did you get out of it?


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