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What Every Business Should Learn From Steve Jobs

On October 5, 2011, the world lost an incredible man and creative genius, Steve Jobs. His inventions forever changed the way we connect with computers, the world and each other.

Jobs was an inspiring man who left an enormous impact on the world. His success isn’t hard to measure and we can surely learn a lot from his achievements.

Here are just a few items that every business can learn from him:

1. Technology’s Cutting Edge is not reserved for the youth
Jobs was as innovative in his 50’s as he was in his 20’s. His products were built to be used by people of all ages, not just teens and 20 something’s. He made technology cool and useful for people of all ages

2. Style Matters
Jobs believed in the importance of style in everything from fonts to graphics to marketing. Many companies dismiss style as a frivolous waste of time, Apple embraced it in everything they did. While other companies produced hardware and software that was clunky, confusing or simply ugly, Apple spent years researching ways to make products that not only had great hardware, but where easy an intuitive for the average person’s use.

3. Keeping it Simple
Apple keeps it simple-and simple works. All Apple products are intuitive, elegant and simple to use. They do what the user expects it to do and nothing more. Jobs was great at figuring out what people wanted and how to make that work at seamless as possible.

The same is to be said for the way he marketed his products. While Apple’s product launches were famous for their drama, Job’s never made false promises about what his products did. He simply stated what they were capable of, not daydreams of everything that could be. The truthful way he went about advertising is part of the reason why Apple customers are happy and loyal to Apple products.

4. It’s OK to make mistakes
Jobs made plenty of mistakes during his career, the most public being losing control of Apple in 1985. While this was a devastating blow, Jobs pushed forward. He founded the technology company NeXT and Pixar animation studios. NeXT was bought out by Apple in 1996, and Jobs returned back to his former company to produce the products we all know and love today. Pixar was bought by Disney, and animation was forever changed.

Jobs proved that mistakes are OK and while you may not realize it at the time, those very mistakes may be the best thing to happen to you.

Steve Jobs was a truly inspiring man whose legacy will be remembered for many years to come. He will definitely be missed by many.

What have you learned from Steve Jobs?

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