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ACF Supports Lung Cancer Research with the Free to Breathe 5K

This past weekend, several members of the ACF staff headed to Orlando to participate in the Free to Breathe 5K for lung cancer research. Free to Breathe is an organization passionate about creating public awareness of lung cancer through 5K events all over the country. Over the years, they have raised millions of dollars for lung cancer research, a disease that kills more people than any other cancer.

We received word of the event from one of our clients, Renee Rached of Mobility Express, who had recently lost her mother to lung cancer. Her family was participating in the event and wanted to know if we’d like to contribute as well. We jumped at the chance.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed to Orlando. It was the first 5K for all participating, so we weren’t sure what to expect. When we arrived, we were greeted by lots of smiling faces and fellow participants excited for the day ahead. It was a fun, relaxed and welcoming vibe.

We quickly realized the 5K was far from a competition. It didn’t matter to anyone if you finished first or dead last. It was all about getting together to support a cause. Together, the participants at the Orlando event raised over $20,000 to benefit lung cancer research! Amazing!

We had such a great time that we plan on doing more events like this in the future. Have you ever participated in 5K or similar event? What was your experience?

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  1. I assisted my dad to overcome cancer and he now has been cancer free for 1 year. It took a lot of patience, persistance and prayer, but in the end, we were blessed. I am so pleased and proud to see a local company like ACF giving back so joyfully to the community in this noble cause.