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How to Promote What Makes You Different

We all have a company that we simply don’t like. For whatever reason, we choose to buy from their competitors instead of them.

Something about them drives you up a wall. Maybe their website is confusing. Maybe they don’t accept American Express. Maybe they put too much salt on their french fries. If they just did X differently you would buy from them.

Your competitors are probably selling close to, if not the same products and services as you, but there’s a reason why people are choosing your company over them. You do something differently than all the other companies. Knowing what makes people buy from you can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Ask yourself, “What is it about your industry that you dislike”?
There’s more than likely stereotypes about your industry. Whatever they are, you make sure that your business doesn’t fall into that category.

A big stereotype in the IT industry is that IT technicians are slow to fix problems, something ACF really doesn’t like. To make sure we fix problems as quickly as possible, we use remote support technology and have a great system for entering support tickets.

There are certainly a few things about your industry that you dislike. Document what those are and what you do to make sure that your company doesn’t fall under the same category.

Ask your customers what they dislike
Get feedback from your current customers by utilizing surveys and online forms. Ask them what things they dislike about your industry and what makes them choose your company. The odds are, you’ll receive a variety of different responses, some you may be guilty of yourself.

Take this information and think of ways to do the opposite of whatever their complaints were. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, be sure to get the word out. Your customers will appreciate that you listened to their feedback and will become raving fans of your business!

Market why you are different
Potential customers assume that you’re like all the others in your industry and probably dislike the same thing that your current customers dislike about your competition. Letting them know you do the opposite of the other companies is a great way to set yourself apart, gain customers, and increase sales.

Finding out what makes you different can help you gain new customers and keep your current ones happy. Just by asking a few honest questions, you can figure out the reasons people buy from you and what changes you need to make to your business to be sure people know you’re not like all the others.

What are things you dislike about your industry? What do you do that is different?


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