What the Dell Acquisition of Sonicwall Could Mean for You

Dell has announced that it will acquire SonicWALL, which specializes in firewalls and unified threat management, in the second quarter of Dell’s fiscal year 2013.  SonicWALL is currently at the forefront of IT security, especially when it comes to wireless and remote access technology.  Their creation, SuperMassive, has been rated the most effective Next-Generation Firewall.  With this acquisition, Dell is positioning itself to offer enterprise-class products to small and midsize businesses.  Additionally, this expands and diversifies their portfolio, which is important as PCs and laptops continue to see a lesser share of the market due to tablets and low-cost netbooks.  

How will this affect businesses?

  • ACF Clients will see no immediate impact or need take any abrupt action because we manage their systems, so any changes will take place seamlessly.
  • Moving forward we can anticipate these changes but they are merely projections at this stage:
    • Stronger security software / integrations on devices
      • Built in security into business and home Dell machines
      • Consumers could benefit greatly in the long run if Dell incorporates this technology into personal machines
    • A tighter integrated network
      • Fewer compatibility issues because the security, network and pc’s will all be from the same company
    • The global Dell name and backing behind that
    • Dell has much great resources as a larger company and are in a better position to broaden and strengthen the technology




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