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Help us win the SOCIAL MADNESS corporate challenge

Calling on all supporters, friends, clients, acquaintances, family, and pets to rally with ACF Consulting to crush the social media world’s competition. We have been selected among businesses throughout the county to do battle in potentially several rounds of The Social Madness Challenge small business bracket.

We need you to help us gain the most LIKES on Facebook, FOLLOWS on LinkedIn and Twitter, and votes on bizjournals.com over the next few weeks. Our path to victory starts today!

“A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front end”
-- George S. Patton

We’re not really sure how you lead spaghetti, but it’s General Patton so it’s sure to mean something very inspiring (if only to Italian chefs). So we’re calling on YOU to lead! To spread the word! The higher the growth of our social presence, the better our chances to proceed to the next round as we move up the ladder to triumph!

Social Madness is sponsored by bizjournals.com and Capital One. We are one of 172 companies in the Tampa Bay area that are going to chew some dirt, head-to-head, with the competition. We’re dug in. We’re ready and rested. Our troops are in position. Let this be the month that social media will never forget!

Here's is how you can help us today:

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us on LinkedIn

Vote For Us Here!

Keep an eye out for more news and marching orders from ACF in the coming days!

Thank you, Everyone for your participation!


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