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Help ACF win the Small Business Grant!

We are eligible for a small business grant that will enable us to grow our support for the Tampa Bay business community, but we need your help. In order to be considered, we need 250 votes before Saturday June 30th.

Here is a breakdown of how you can vote for us! Thanks in Advance:

Step 1:

Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com and click the ‘Log In and Support’ Button:

Step 2:

Login using your Facebook account (this is to verify that everyone is real and everyone only votes once):

Step 3:

Under ‘Vote Local’ Type in ‘ACF Consulting’ into the ‘Business Name’ Box, and click ‘Search’:

Step 4:

Time to vote!, Just click the vote button and you did it! (…but keep reading)

Step 5:

Tell your friends. It’s easy they let you do it right from the next screen, just click on one of the three methods and off you go!

If you gotten this far, then we hope you know how much we truly appreciate your assistance. If there is anything at all that any of us at ACF can do for you, just let us know! 813.235.6357.


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